Mixed Use of Cycle in Anavar

For male users, the best mix of oxandrolone is to reduce fat in steroid CYCLE. Generally speaking, in order to achieve better results, it is recommended to be used with some topical testosterone drugs. Testosterone is the basis of most CYCLE, not only because the use of anabolic steroids inhibits the body’s own testosterone, but also because testosterone is a potent anabolic steroid.
Here are some suitable drugs maybe with oxandrolone in reducing CYCLE in collocation:
trenbolone, drostanolone, metenolone.



Buy Real ANAVAR in Australia and United States


A lot of people bought anavar complain about the bad effects and it’s not surprising that ANAVAR is expensive,so sellers tend to make money by reducing the amount of drug . Another problem is fake drugs. Many underground labs use cheaper Dianabol tags for Anavar,. You bought anavr, but actually what you get are low dose of Dianabol tabs. You’ll still get results, For those without experience, it is easy to be fooled. If you’re a man, it’s not likely to hurt you, but for women, it can be devastating. Dianabol has a strong masculine nature, which can destroy a woman’s gentleness. Anytime you buy oxygen, you should have a reliable supplier.



Applications, Dosage and Uses of anavar

Anavar is available only in oral form; though, some guys choose to crush the tablets and mix it with a fluid which is not recommended, partly for purity sake and the fact that it will degrade in a fluid base.  The broscience use of taking it with Grapefruit juice may have some merit since grapefruit juice can increase the effects of many medications.  Grapefruit juice can cause issues with P-glycoprotein and organic anion transporting polypeptides (OATPs), increasing bio-availability of many drugs.   Ironically, this is the reason grapefruit juice is not recommended with any medicines or drugs.   However, in our case, we have our reasons for wanting something to work even better.

The standard effective dosage is 25 to 50 mgs a day for men and  5 to 20 mgs for women.

For men, I suggest splitting dosages into AM (½ dose) and pre-workout (½ dose).  For women, a preworkout 1/2 dose and postworkout ½ dose is best.


As with most oral steroids, Anavar is best stacked with at least one injectable.   Just anavar andtestosterone work very, very, well.  After the cycle, it is recommended to use HCGenerate with a perfect PCT to solidify the gains made and to retain the muscle mass from a Test-Anavar cycle.

Anavar Testosterone Cycle (Male)

Week Anavar TestosteroneCypionate Cardarine(GW501516) Aromasin N2Guard
1 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
2 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
3 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
4 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
5 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
6 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
7 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
8 50mgs/ED 400mgs/wk 20mgs/ED 10mgs/ED 7caps/ED
Cycle notes:* ED = every day* Wk = every week* mgs = milligrams* caps = capsules

Another effective method of cycling anavar is with another oral and/or sarms.  A combination of anavar, winstrol and cardarine (GW-501516), will yield a guaranteed shredded physique with very little side effects.  It’s perfect for those who don’t want to add injectables to their cycle; after all, who wants to be a pin-cushion right.

Anavar and Winstrol Cycle (Male)

Week Anavar Winstrol Cardarine(GW) N2Slin N2Guard
1 50mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 20mgs/ED 4tabs/ED 7caps/ED
2 50mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 20mgs/ED 4tabs/ED 7caps/ED
3 50mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 20mgs/ED 4tabs/ED 7caps/ED
4 50mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 20mgs/ED 4tabs/ED 7caps/ED
5 50mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 20mgs/ED 4tabs/ED 7caps/ED
6 50mgs/ED 50mgs/ED 20mgs/ED 4tabs/ED 7caps/ED
Cycle notes:* tabs = tablets* N2Slin should be used before a meal and before training with a protein shake.

Half Life

Anavar has a half-life of only 10 hours, and it’s estimated it’s only actually effective for 5 hours, so multiple dosing is recommended.  25 mgs in the morning and 25 mgs before training is best.

Detection Time

While there is some ongoing debate about the detection time of anavar, from my research it’s about 3 weeks.  Thus, I would plan on a rough 4 week detection time just to be safe.









Anavar in fat loss phase

It is no doubt that whether in male or female, oxandrolone is the best used steroids during the fat loss period. This is also the reason why most non athletes use it. Because of its highly anabolic ability, Anavar is used to preserve the muscles in fat loss phase, it can make muscle moretight . The key to fat loss lies in consumption of fat at the same time to maximize the preservation of muscle, but muscle consumption is inevitable. This is why you need to take anavar . Anavar can increase the metabolic rate of the body while directly causing fat consumption. This allows users to get better muscle rate after fat consumption. This will make your blood vessels clearer and more muscular. Although the results can not comapare with Trebolone ect .



Side effects of anavar

Different from Anadrol, the side effects of anavar are relatively mild. For healthy adults it can be reduced to a minimum. In fact, If properly used, the anavar does will not produce any side effects.

[1] There is no side effects associated with estrogen hormones in male . It will not lead to aromatic alkylation, not lead to breast development ana have no water storage. It does not change estrogen levels, so there is no side effect in this . Because it does not cause a reservoir response, there is no risk of Hypertension.
[2] male hormone
Anavar is not a powerful male steroid, but the effects of androgens on the body are still present. This can be caused by hair loss, body hair growth, and the symptoms of male baldness. But for the most part, as long as the body’s own production of androgens remains at a low level, these side effects can be completely avoided.

[3] cardiovascular
The effect of LDL on the inhibition of HDL cholesterol and the increase of cholesterol. The therapeutic dose for male could inhibit 30% of the HDL , while the dose used by bodybuilders may inhibited 50% HDL and cause an increase in the LDL steroid level of 30%. Even healthy people should try their best to keep good habits. This includes keeping a low cholesterol diet, getting enough Omega fatty acids, and doing aerobic exercise. All users are advised to limit the intake of saturated fats and sugars.
[4] testosterone Anabolic steroids inhibit the secretion of testosterone in the body. However, the inhibition efficiency of different steroids is also different. The anavar inhibition is very weak. even large doses of anavar only cause decreased testosterone of 50%, which for some men is still a range of acceptable . This is largely related to the level of testosterone per person, but most men should be cautious about the use of testosterone.
The same thing about all anabolic steroids is that when the drug is discontinued, the body will take on the testosterone itself. Full recovery needs some time. [5] liver toxicity
As a synthetic anabolic steroid, Anavar is the least toxic of all the C-17aa steroids. The data suggest that the therapeutic dose of oxygen does not significantly increase the enzyme in the liver. Of course, as a performance enhancing drug use will have a greater impact, but also the smallest of the c-17aa family. It should be noted that the increase in liver enzymes does not directly lead to liver damage, but the long-term damage under this dose is inevitable.
First of all ,bodybuilder should avoid alcohol, Second, do not take any prescription drugs unless necessary. Many prescription drugs are more toxic than steroids.

Anavar Cycle—-ZT

Numerous athletes use Anavar for it is one of the safest anabolic steroids on the market, not only for men but women too.r.

Female Anavar Cycle:

There are very few anabolic steroids women can use without virilization symptoms. Men have numerous choices to meet their anabolic steroid needs, but as women are limited they’ll want to ensure they get the most bang for the buck with this plan. For most women, an Anavar cycle will consist of 6-8 weeks of use at a dosing of 10mg per day. This is a solid plan for off-season gains, enhancing athletic performance and the perfect cycle for cutting related results. This basic Anavar cycle alone is enough to transform nearly any physique, but there are ways to enhance it.

A solid female Anavar cycle can often include the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This will effectively improve muscle and lose fat   other steroids can be added to the equation, but the risk of virilization  will increases  If an Anavar cycle is going to include other steroids, most females will find Primobolan Depot to be their top choice. Other options include Winstrol and very low doses of Equipoise.

Male Anavar Cycle:

The male Anavar cycle will look quite different than the female version. A male Anavar cycle will normally be built around other steroids. Anavar will typically be used as a supplement to supplemental steroid use. For example, a man’s plan will normally include Testosterone and perhaps a 19-nor steroid like Nandrolone or Trenbolone. The Testosterone, Nandrolone and Trenbolone represent base aspects of the cycle, while the Anavar is merely used to enhance it.

Most men will find an Anavar cycle is rather disappointing for off-season gains; it’s simply too weak to provide a lot of growth. It can provide some growth, and it will be solid tissue as this steroid does not aromatize; however, it’s not going to be significant. The best time for a man to implement an Anavar cycle is for cutting purposes. In such a plan, Anavar will normally appear late in the cutting cycle once the individual is already fairly lean. This type of use will provide a tighter and harder look, and greatly aid in fat loss due to the steroid’s fat burning properties. A dose of 30mg per day will provide results; however, most men will find an Anavar cycle works best with 50-80mg per day for 6-8 weeks.

Male Anavar Cycle  No Testosterone:

We know anabolic steroids suppress natural testosterone, and we know the rate of suppression varies depending on the steroids used and their total doses. When it comes to Anavar, this steroid is nowhere near as suppressive to natural testosterone production as many others. If an individual’s natural production is high enough, it is possible to implement an Anavar only cycle without falling into a low testosterone condition. Doses in the 40-50mg per day range will result in about 40-50% of the natural production being suppressed, while 80mg doses will result in 60-65% suppression approximately.

As you can see, the totality of suppression is enough to warrant exogenous testosterone use, and most men will be best served by including it. However, an occasional Anavar cycle that doesn’t include exogenous testosterone in a man who possesses naturally high levels is possible without damage. Some athletes may find this to provide a nice boost in strength and total performance; however, even if testosterone is not used you’ll find including things like Proviron to be worthy of your consideration. The addition of Proviron to your Anavar cycle could keep your testosterone levels at a healthier range. Remember, this type of Anavar cycle is based on some assumptions, and on that basis, including testosterone in some form is always best. A low testosterone condition is no laughing matter. It comes with a host of possible problematic effects, and is extremely damaging to your health and overall quality of life.


Anavar Doses

Anavar Doses for male

Anavar is expensive,and not an powerful  steroid;  however, it also has less side effect. So still used often. .Usually 30-40mg per day will have good result. Someone use 50-100mg. they can get better result but really cost a lot of money. With proper Anavar doses, most  man can transform his physique. Do not recommand doses over 100mg per day will greatly increase the risks of side effects.

Anavar Doses for female

Women will find Anavar the most effective and safest anabolic steroid they can ever use, usually 5-10mg per day can have good result. Very few women will  have any problems with a 10mg dosing, 10mg is enough for most of women.  Side effect such as Virilization are seldom below 10mg per day.

If a 10mg per day has a positive response and want have more  an increase can be considered the next circle. 15mg per day would be acceptable, and then 20mg later. It’s important to note, each and every time you increase the dose this increases the risk of virilization. If Anavar doses surpass 20mg per day, this all but guarantees virilization symptoms, and it could lead to your femininity being destroyed.
If you have virilization symptoms , discontinue use it immediately. The symptom will fade away rapidly. If symptoms begin to show and you ignore them, they may become permanent.


Dosage of ANAVAR


As a male users for circle of reducing fat,The dose of 20-30mg every day will produce results, but the 40-50mg will be more effective and the side effect is very low . 80mg daily dose is not recomanded, which can lead to side effects. You can increase the dosage, but the risk of side effects will gradually increase. It should be noted that, if used as fitness ameteur , Anavar can have a good effect, but if you want to carry out competitive , there are some other drugs may be more effective.

The standard male use cycle is about 6-8 weeks. For many users, the most effective way to get muscle is to use a new anabolic steroid for 3-4 weeks after anavar.

How to get ANAVAR


It is not common on the black market, and prescription drugs are not only hard to get, but also expensive. Even on the black market Anavar is much higher than other oral steroids.
Another problem is the quality of the Anavar. There are many brands of anavar, but with many non-oral and fake. Even some small businesses impersonate with Dianabol.
If you want to buy high quality Anavar, you have to work hard to study the manufacturer’s brand and provider credibility. Otherwise it will be easy to buy fake. WWW.OMEGA-LAB.ORG has provided anavar for more than 7 years. For male athletes, using high quality oxandrolone cycle is still expensive.