How to take dianabol

Dianabol is fast and popular, So more and more people are starting to take a large dose of it, but the urine analysis shows that some of dianabol are excreted. This means that as the dose increases, a portion of dianabol will be excreted directly from the urine. No doubt these are being wasted. Smaller doses, multiple times a day may be more effective. Smaller doses (20-40mg/ days) are recommanded. Some people say that Anadrol, a a strong steroids similar to adianabol, is better, but the dosage usually is 50-150 mg. If you take that dosage of dianabol, you can get better results too. Compared with the toxicity Anadrol, Dianabol is very safe. The theory will be more meaningful if it takes into account the half-life of 3-6H in the body. Therefore, every day to take 3-4 times will be better than only 1-2 times a day. By the way, Low dosage is very effective

Several matters needing attention. Not everyone used to Smaller doses and multiple times. First, when you put the whole dose into several smaller doses, however you still have the same amount of liver metabolism, your overall absorption of dianabol will reduce. The second is that the peak value of blood will be low, because not taking a larger dose. So it is difficult to recommend whether or not to take a small dosage . If you only take a lower and moderate dose of dianbaol,you should choose to take a single dose in the morning. This will produce a higher peak blood concentration, and will retain more. At the same time, due to the short half-life, the body has been metabolized before it produces a large amount of natural testosterone, usually in the early hours of sleep. At the same time because of the lighter androgen receptor (AR), taking clomiphene citrate cycle (clomid) or Mo Xifen (Nolvadex) anti estrogen drugs, you can get a good effect of muscle increase. For those who are in combination with other steroid injections, two times a day seems to be a better option, and if you take more than 40mg, it may be best to take it up to 3 times.

Fast acting drugs usually have a short half-life, which requires multiple uses. As a result of its strong liver damage, it is not recommended to use dianabol for more than 6 weeks. Because most of the oral absorption, liver function will be damaged, but it will soon be back to normal after stopping . because the duration of action is very short. Other risk factors for taking dianabol include estrogen like side effects, male breast development, high blood pressure, sodium and water retention, and mild acne. So it is better to take it with anti estrogen drugs.

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