Side Effects of Anadrol

The side effects of anadrol are limited and easily preventable even under a dose of 100mgs. some even high as 150mg. but still suggest not more than 6 weeks
Anadrol has the ability to lower serum SHBG Given the large amounts of weight and strength which can be gained in a relatively short time span on this drug, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to many.

Another characteristic of anadrol is that it doesn’t bind well to the androgen receptor which is the lowest Ive ever read about. Basically, what this tells me is that there are a lot of non-receptor mediated effects from this steroid, making it a very potent addition to any stack, because it wont be competing for the receptor sites with the other steroids you’re using. Its also, as you may have guessed a very poor choice for a cutting stack.


Knowledges of Anadrol

Anadrol is called “A bombs” or “A50” (because it is generally a piece of 50mg), The drug is invented to treat anemia or other weight loss serious disease, Anadrol can rapidly increase body weight, appetite and strength.It has very good effect.
But as a very strong anabolic drug, Anadrol has many side effects, such as cardiovascular impact, water retention, headache, liver toxicity. As a 17-A-A steroid, which is characterized by liver metabolism, it is normal to have some damage to the liver. Of course, these side effects are controllable and preventable.
If you only use Anadrol, then within 3 weeks, you will greatly increase the weight and strength, the effect is very remarkable,. But after 3 weeks, the weight gain will soon “fall”. In fact, you must cooperate with other steroid injection to keep you increase, because in 3 weeks, the body have the habit of it, so it needs to provide support to other injection of steroids to provide support”.
In general, if you use Anadrol for circle, it is not recommended to use other 17AA types of steroids, because it does not have a large effect and will have more side effect. Daily use of 50 mg will achieve very good results, of course, the use of 100 mg every day will have more amazing results. But this does not mean that you use 150 mg a day will be more prominent, in fact, the daily use of 150mg will not be much better than the daily use of 100mg, but will have more side effects