Turinabol for female use

Turinabol may be a standout amongst the most loved steroids from claiming female users, and the fundamental purpose behind such Ubiquity will be its low androgenetic movement. Ladies in turinabol to those incline additions it provides, Be that as virilization impacts would still could be happened. Therefore, dosages to ladies ought further bolstering never surpass 10 milligrams (mg) for every day.


Doses of Turinabol

The standard dose is about 30-50 milligrams per day.Turinabol will greatly enhance recovery ability and enchance effect of other steroids. In order to achieve anabolic effects, most male users prefer to use 50 mg per day dose. The cycle is about 6-8 weeks, but it should be controlled for less than six weeks to ensure no damage to the liver. At the same time, after the end of the use, it is not recommended to use any other 17aa steroids. Also avoid mixing with other 17aa steroids.

The standard dose for female users is 5-10 mg per day. Masculine symptom is less likely to happen in the doses less than 10 mg per day . But remember that everyone is different because of the difference of sensitivity, even 5 mg per day may also cause some male symptoms .If happened, discontinue use it immediately. The cycle is about 4-6 weeks. Female users also more likely to use oxandrolone and nandrolone, but turinabol is also 17aa steroid so it is better to avoid mixing drugs.


Effect of turinabol

There is no doubt that Bentley fill is more effective for real athletes, athletes here I mean are real players, rather than a bodybuilder or bodybuilding fancier. Turinabol can greatly enhance muscle recovery efficiency. Without steroids, players will find impossible to the top at the sart of game period, With the use of turinabol athletes can also find their own strength growth, can be faster jump higher in the race, Of course, medication is not going to help you build your ability . What it can do is to help you improve further. The use of more than 20 years in the East German athletes proved a potent complement of turinabol.

But simply turinabol is not an ideal steroids for muscle width during non game period, it does not cause particularly muscle growth, although the effect is obvious. If want to grow muscle dinabol and stanozolol will be better, because it is not aromatic alkylation, characteristics of no water storage and no reservoir of fat.
Turinabol is really suitable for fat loss in most of the race preparation period . It helps maintain weight while increasing muscle stiffness. same effect of stanozolol , but far less effective than trenbolone. However, in the fat loss peroids maintain body weight and enhance the recovery ability is very important. Many people think that this drug as the main steroid in early period , reduce fat and then switch to the more powerful substance.



Turinabol is a very unique anabolic steroids. It is a drug between metandienone and clostebol . This allows it to have a very strong anabolic function but very weak androgen effect.
The history of the drug is also interesting. Turinabol was produced for the first time by East German Jenapharm company in 1962. The steroid has shown strong safety over years for men, women, patients , and even for children. This steroid can greatly maintain skeletal muscle and muscle width without causing serious complications. However, Turinabol is famous in the world because the East German steroid scandal in 1990s Olympic Games.
During the period of 1974-1989 East Germany had great success using steroids , their cheating was not to be questioned because oral turinabol cannot be detected at that time. official surveys showed that they also used testosterone (epitestosterone) to avoid testosterone levels. When the oral turinabol scandal broke Jenapharm company ceased the drug production. Since then, Oral turinabol has become a strict black market drug.