Omega-lab steroids from China

Omega-Lab Ltd is a pharmaceutical group in China, specializing in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of Anabolics & Esteroids for athletes. Chinese produce 90% steroids in the world. So Omega-lab has pretty good high qualty gears and has good costumer service. steroids are assembled in sterile “clean rooms,” which are controlled under very strict conditions so as to prevent exposure of the product to bacteria or other contamination. A lot of expensive equipment is used. Check the pic below.


How to place an order on OMEGA-LAB.ORG

To be able to place an order, you have to create an account and become a member.then log in, When you find the needed product, enter the required amount in the field “add to cart). You’ll be redirected to “continue shopping” or “check out”。If the order are enough, please click on the “Check Out” feature.
On the next step shipping address information will be displayed. Please enter your real address so we can ship to right place. Once you have filled the mailing address, click on the “Continue” feature, Now you have placed an order. We will check the order ASAP and send you invoice email.
You may use PAYPAL to pay your order. We all know PAYPAL always protect buyers best. But PAYPAL is very strict with roids business,So please do not mention anything what we are really dealing to paypal. We will provide a cover site for you to avoid Paypal checking. Please go to my cover site;
1 register;
2 buy something with your real shipping address(so that we will know it’s your payment)
3 make the total figure exactly the same with your real order.
I will arrange shipping on every Tuesday and Friday. Online tracking available. we will give a track number about 7 days after the package is sent out from my hands. Arrival time to US / Australia is about 10-12 days after PAYPAL. To UK / EU / CANADA is around 15 days after PAYPAL.


Proviron (testosterone)

Proviron stands for an old steroid in the market. products of a pharmaceutical company Schering , it first appeared in 1934. Officially known as testosterone, testosterone has many brands that have been around for years, but the proviron name is still dominant. It is still one of the most misunderstood anabolic steroids in steroid users.

In many ways, proviron is a very unique anabolic steroid. It has a strong similarity with masteron (drostanolone) and Anavar and Winstrol. but has its own unique Characteristic in general. In expressive capacity, proviron is not used to promote muscle mass, although it can serve as an important goal in such a phase of training. We will, but find proviron is more common in the proviron is one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids in modern medicine. However, it has never been approved by FDA. Chiefly found in European medicine especially in Western europe. The primary use is to treat androgen deficiency, the most common culprit of age. However, it is also used by prepubertal males. The hormone is also used as a male fertility aid, making it a very unique anabolic steroid.