How to take dianabol

Dianabol is fast and popular, So more and more people are starting to take a large dose of it, but the urine analysis shows that some of dianabol are excreted. This means that as the dose increases, a portion of dianabol will be excreted directly from the urine. No doubt these are being wasted. Smaller doses, multiple times a day may be more effective. Smaller doses (20-40mg/ days) are recommanded. Some people say that Anadrol, a a strong steroids similar to adianabol, is better, but the dosage usually is 50-150 mg. If you take that dosage of dianabol, you can get better results too. Compared with the toxicity Anadrol, Dianabol is very safe. The theory will be more meaningful if it takes into account the half-life of 3-6H in the body. Therefore, every day to take 3-4 times will be better than only 1-2 times a day. By the way, Low dosage is very effective

Several matters needing attention. Not everyone used to Smaller doses and multiple times. First, when you put the whole dose into several smaller doses, however you still have the same amount of liver metabolism, your overall absorption of dianabol will reduce. The second is that the peak value of blood will be low, because not taking a larger dose. So it is difficult to recommend whether or not to take a small dosage . If you only take a lower and moderate dose of dianbaol,you should choose to take a single dose in the morning. This will produce a higher peak blood concentration, and will retain more. At the same time, due to the short half-life, the body has been metabolized before it produces a large amount of natural testosterone, usually in the early hours of sleep. At the same time because of the lighter androgen receptor (AR), taking clomiphene citrate cycle (clomid) or Mo Xifen (Nolvadex) anti estrogen drugs, you can get a good effect of muscle increase. For those who are in combination with other steroid injections, two times a day seems to be a better option, and if you take more than 40mg, it may be best to take it up to 3 times.

Fast acting drugs usually have a short half-life, which requires multiple uses. As a result of its strong liver damage, it is not recommended to use dianabol for more than 6 weeks. Because most of the oral absorption, liver function will be damaged, but it will soon be back to normal after stopping . because the duration of action is very short. Other risk factors for taking dianabol include estrogen like side effects, male breast development, high blood pressure, sodium and water retention, and mild acne. So it is better to take it with anti estrogen drugs.

Dosage of ANAVAR


As a male users for circle of reducing fat,The dose of 20-30mg every day will produce results, but the 40-50mg will be more effective and the side effect is very low . 80mg daily dose is not recomanded, which can lead to side effects. You can increase the dosage, but the risk of side effects will gradually increase. It should be noted that, if used as fitness ameteur , Anavar can have a good effect, but if you want to carry out competitive , there are some other drugs may be more effective.

The standard male use cycle is about 6-8 weeks. For many users, the most effective way to get muscle is to use a new anabolic steroid for 3-4 weeks after anavar.

Side effect of clenbuterol

The side effects of clenbuterol were significant, even if it was strictly controlled.
Specific side effects include:
(1) can cause muscle jitter, especially handshaken
(2) headache
(3) the sensation of chest pain
(4) increased blood pressure and so on,
Teh side effects can be different from man to man.Someone may only have handshaken while others had to give up the drug. The good news is that most of the people who use drugs, if strictly control the amount of usage, will not have too many symptoms, headache and tremor can be solved by taking pail-liller drugs and edible bananas, oranges.Do not recommand people with heart problem use this drug.

Chinese fitness enthusiasts will be a new generation of “Schwarzenegger”

Fitness is becoming more and more popular in china. The number of health clubs in China is now showing explosive growth, and even women are interested in it.

30 year old Lee is on the table tennis exercise, but want to get rid of “beer belly” , table tennis is clearly not enough, so Mr. Lee is also put into the fitness army. In the fitness club membership fee is 5000 yuan a year (about $700), about one month’s salary for Mr. lee. In order to make the cost of money, Mr. Lee will go to exercise every night. Lee explained: more and more young people go to the gym to exercise muscle.”
Mr Lee also said: “there are a lot of fitness ads on the network circulating. The reason is very simple, everyone wants to become attractive, with a strong body and beautiful face. Exercise can make people keep fit, improve muscles and joints and organs. Everyone has their own fitness program, the majority of people to fitness are between the ages of 20 to 35 years old.”
Pierre Alivon is a French photographer living in Beijing, he spent a year to follow the observation of some young people, these young people to the body and bodybuilding competition as an important part of everyday life. They are happy to show off their bodies, as it becomes a “trump card””. Pierre Alivon explained: “usually in our minds, Chinese body is thin and thin, but we may see big muscular bodies now. more and more” Schwarzenegger “was born in China.”


How to get ANAVAR


It is not common on the black market, and prescription drugs are not only hard to get, but also expensive. Even on the black market Anavar is much higher than other oral steroids.
Another problem is the quality of the Anavar. There are many brands of anavar, but with many non-oral and fake. Even some small businesses impersonate with Dianabol.
If you want to buy high quality Anavar, you have to work hard to study the manufacturer’s brand and provider credibility. Otherwise it will be easy to buy fake. WWW.OMEGA-LAB.ORG has provided anavar for more than 7 years. For male athletes, using high quality oxandrolone cycle is still expensive.


Get dianabol in Australia via paypal

Dianabol is the most used steroid in the world. All the sales sites and drug dealers in the gym have this medicine. It’s cheap and has a lot of brands. Even on the black market, there are various kinds of illegal manufacturing. Unfortunately, a lot of fakes. At present, the main source of Australian dianabol is China Thailand and India, Australian customs are very strict with the parcel from the three countries. So it’s not easy to get real dianabol in Australia. The seller is required to have sufficient experience in customs inspection.


Clenbuterol is not a hormone, but a beta-2 stimulant. It has been found that clenbuterol has the effect of reducing body fat and not losing muscle, so it is widely used as a stimulant. It is said that fitness athletes, bodybuilders, cyclists and Hollywood actors are using the drug. . The drug is more popular among women who have no side effects of which are caused by steroids.
Clenbuterol can reduce body fat, which is considered for the following three reasons: first, it can increase the body’s temperature; secondly, it can increase heart rate; in the end, it can promote the decomposition of glycogen.
According to the study, every 1 degrees Celsius temperature rise can bring about 8% calories consumption. It is well known that an increase in heart rate can consume more calories . And more glycogen decomposition will lead to the body not get enough sugar to supply energy, so have to use fat.

Studies have shown that clenbuterol also reduces protein metabolism and promote skeletal muscle growth, these effects will make the body’s protein is not consumed, so as not to lose muscle. However, with proper diet, a small amount of lean meat can be achieved clenbuterol will keep fit without loss of muscle.


Advantages of anavar 1

Increase muscle during off-season period: because oxandrolone does not aromatic alkylation, so muscle using oxandrolone contians no fat. At the same time it does not cause water storage. However, in the mixed steroid Cycle, Anavar can not be used as the main drug to increase muscle, it should be used with testosterone injection. The user should be able to increase some real muscle, but studies have shown that muscle is more easily retained through using of anavar,.
Although Anavar is off-season muscle choice, but the female is much more sensitive to it than men , so they may take anavar for increasing muscle, and mainly to improve the quality of the muscle is enough.

Anavar can also improvethe the body’s metabolic rate. It allows the user increase less body fat in off-season period . Because it can increase free testosterone levels in the body, so other steroids are also more effective when used in combination.