Nephrocalcinosis Associated With The Use Of Anabolic Steroid

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he anabolic steroid have been used as a therapeutic tool in various clinical conditions. However, indiscriminate use associated with other nutritional supplements has generated serious adverse effects.

CASE REPORT: Male, 21 years old, admitted with nausea, fatigue, appetite loss, headache and hypertension. Blood tests showed Cr: 3.9 mg% U: 100 mg% and Total Calcium 14 mg/dl. Ultrasonography and renal biopsy were consistent with nephrocalcinosis. There has been gradual improvement in renal function and calcium levels after vigorous hydration and furosemide. However, after 1 year, renal calcium deposits persist, corticomedullary ratio reduced in ultrasound and stable creatinine of 1.4 mg/dl. Previous cases showed acute tubular necrosis and interstitial nephritis with little calcium deposits in the renal interstitium. In this case we found severe nephrocalcinosis associated with nephrosclerosis. Our objective is to report the occurrence of acute kidney Injury with nephrocalcinosis associated with use of anabolic steroid and provide a review of the matter.

Luchi WM, Ricarte RN, Roitman LF, Santos OD. [Nephrocalcinosis associated with the use of anabolic steroid]. J Bras Nefrol. 2015;37(1):135-40.

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