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250 mg / week
At 250 mg / week, stanozolol basically provides only high levels of testosterone replacement therapy. Individuals with low testosterone levels may have significant improvement, but many individuals with moderate or higher natural testosterone levels have little additional effect at this dose level. However, at this dose, stanozlol inhibits the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and to a large extent inhibits the production of natural testosterone when used. As a result, the benefit of this dose to most steroid cycles is relatively small, but it has the same side effects as the suppresion of testosterone production.

500 mg / week
500 mg / week is the lowest dose level at which most people see good results. At this dose, the gain is usually beneficial for the first cycle and usually does not require ancillary drugs to control estrogen. But in many cases, estrogen control is desirable.

750mg / week
In the next step, 750 mg / week can significantly increase weight gain. If estrogen is controlled, the side effects are generally not much different from 500 mg / week.

1000 mg / week
1000 mg / week is usually enough to meet the needs of intermediate and even advanced users. In some cases, more than that is used. However, this is usually not necessary unless the result has reached the level of 1G / week.

Post cycle treatment is highly desirable after any steroid cycle, including the suzannon cycle.

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